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1,000mg Trust Brothers Broad Spectrum Oil (30ml)

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For Your Kitty – 100mg Trust Brothers Broad Spectrum Oil (30ml)

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25mg Trust Brothers Broad Spectrum Capsules

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[title type=”h4″ align=”center” color=”#222222″]Pain Management[/title][spacer height=”10″]

While prescription pain relief can become addictive and harmful to your body, CBD offers a natural alternative to managing stiffness, aches, and chronic pain.

[title type=”h4″ align=”center” color=”#222222″]Heal Naturally[/title][spacer height=”10″]

CBD extract is safe and natural and does not contain any THC, therefore does not have any psychoactive effects. Your body heals but your state of mind is not altered

[title type=”h4″ align=”center” color=”#222222″]Sleep Support[/title][spacer height=”10″]

Studies of blood tests have shown that CBD influences dopamine levels in our bloodstream, which may lead to a better and deeper sleep

[title type=”h4″ align=”center” color=”#222222″]Anxiety[/title][spacer height=”10″]

You deserve to smile! CBD has been proven to enhance moods and fight anxiety, even helping alleviate depression so you can get out there and enjoy life!

[title type=”h4″ align=”center” color=”#222222″]Kick Bad Habits[/title][spacer height=”10″]

CBD has been shown to help fight the withdrawal symptoms associated with substance abuse such as anxiousness, paranoia, insomnia & nausea.

[title type=”h4″ align=”center” color=”#222222″]Heart Health[/title][spacer height=”10″]

A recent study reported that CBD caused dilation of arteries and protected blood vessels from damage in animal models. Promising news!

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