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Top 7 Deadly Health Trends You Should Avoid

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Hello friends!

Today we are focusing on Deadly Health Trends.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by a mountain of health trends?

There are so many misconceptions about weight loss, cleansing, and general health that it’s hard to sort out the good from the bad. Health trends have you cleansing, injecting, flushing, sweating and eating your front lawn! And to make matters worse, so many of these fads are actually making people LESS healthy, there deadly.

You want something that works, not something that is broken.

You may be hearing a lot about CBD (Cannabidiol) and wondering what it is and how and if it can help with your health and wellness. The answer is YES! Help is here!

“Trust Brothers has the lowest cost Ultra Premium CBD products available anywhere!”  You can learn more about us and our products here on our website. BUT, before you do that, please read our ‘Top 7′ list of health trends to avoid.

7 Deadly Health Trends You Should Avoid

1. Raw Water – The purpose of water treatment is to remove any bacteria and parasites, such as Salmonella and E. coli that can cause us to be sick and in more severe cases, even death. Whoever started this weight loss trend was probably confused as to the reason why they were losing weight as the symptoms from these diseases include vomiting and diarrhea. Please stay away from raw water at all costs! There is a reason why we don’t drink straight from ponds and streams.

2. Juice Cleanses – There are many juice cleanses on the market but the Lemon/Cayenne Pepper/maple syrup mixture took the world by storm. Celebrities were swearing by it and claiming they’d lost up to 20 lbs. by drinking nothing but this juice for 10 days straight. The truth of the matter is you do lose weight but it’s only water weight that you will put back on in addition to more pounds once you’ve completed your cleanse and proceed to eat everything in sight! Take it from someone that was foolish enough to try it! It doesn’t work!

3. Hormone Injections – A recent trend of injecting oneself with the pregnancy hormone HCG combined with just 500 calories throughout the entire day has some experts baffled as to whether or not this is a fraud or have people really been noticing a significant weight loss. Regardless, the weight, won’t stay off unless the hormone is administered continuously and that in itself is dangerous as you are required to literally inject this in yourself! Be smart and stay clear of this trend!

4.Colonic Hydrotherapy – We are going to get straight to the point here: this requires a tube to be inserted into your colon, where a stream of water is then flushed through your intestines, for the purpose of cleaning it out, like a power washer. However, the procedure itself comes with some heavy risks including fatal electrolyte imbalances, meaning too much water in your body, and even perforating the colon while inserting the tube! We will pass!

5. Sweating Off Pounds in Plastic – We have all seen someone working out, in what looks like a plastic space suit, or even a plastic trash bag, taped around their waist in order to sweat as much as they possibly can during their workout. And just by looking at them drenched in sweat, you’d assume it is pretty effective, right? Medical experts disagree. In fact, like many of our other previously mentioned trends, the weight that you shed is just water weight and you will inevitably gain it back. Not only that, the amount of water you lose could be detrimental to you long term! Do yourself a favor and skip the plastic!

6. Going 100% Raw Vegan – Raw Veganism is a form of vegan, specifically defined by the belief that all foods consumed should be completely free of animal origin and either raw or not heated above a temperature of 104 F, in order for the nutrients not to be cooked out of the food. Although most people that life a vegan lifestyle do praise it for its health benefits, if not planned correctly with a nutritionist, you could end up facing some life-threatening risks such as not receiving the proper nutrients for your body to reproduce, weakened bones, muscles, and teeth to name a few.

7. Going Gluten – Free, without a Good Reason -The common misconception that “gluten-free” equals healthy is totally false. A small percentage actually have issues with gluten, and they should follow a gluten free diet under the supervision and guidance of their doctor. Those that are able to digest gluten products with no problem, yet choose to be free of gluten just because, are putting themselves in danger of serious conditions such as coronary heart disease and cancer, among many others. Gluten contains a healthy bacterium, or probiotic, that we need to keep our bodies regulated. So please do not follow a trend that could put you in a worse situation in the long run. Stay healthy!

That is a crazy list, right?

Don’t do those things to yourself. Don’t deplete yourself of good health. Don’t drink from a pond, drink the knowledge from us, Trust Brothers.

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Here’s to Your Health,

Tim & Tom
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