Get Well Soon Messages, Ideas for Sending a Special Note to a Friend or Loved One

Get Well Soon Messages

While we have all been social distancing and quarantining at home away from others, we have friends and loved ones that may be dealing with a health issue, recovering from illness or facing a long-term health battle that we may have wanted to send get well soon messages to. While they may still be on the mend or are still in the middle of something, it’s not uncommon if you are having trouble coming up with a special get well soon message for a friend or loved one. While a get well soon poem or get well soon prayer is often an easy choice, you may just want to send some get well soon wishes from the heart, and we’ve come up with a number of get well soon card ideas that may help with just that!

Finding the right words to say for a get well soon message for a friend isn’t always easy, but often it’s due to over-thinking, keeping it simple is sometimes is the best the way to proceed. Below we’ve compiled a number of different starters for you, these get well soon card ideas will hopefully get you thinking about that perfect little note to send, it can mean the world to them that they are on your mind!

Some great ideas to get you started with a get well soon message for a friend or loved one are:

» From all of us, we love you and hope you feel better soon!
» I’m thinking about you, I can’t wait until you are feeling better!
» Soon you’ll be feeling better and we’ll hit the city!
» I hate to see you feeling down, I’m praying for your quick recovery!
» Sick day, sick pay… I’m jealous!
» Sending lots of love and hugs your way!
» I wish I could visit you, for now I’m sending love your way!
» I can’t wait until you’re feeling better, I hope to be able to visit soon!
» My favorite person is sick, I need you to get better soon!
» We can’t wait to see you, sending love your way!
» I can’t always find the words, but know that I’m here thinking about you!
» If you are feeling up to it, let’s video chat! Until then, feel better!
» Get well soon so we can get together again!
» I heard you’re not feeling well. I also heard you will be feeing better than ever, very soon!
» Are you ready? Because it’s time for you to get well. Can’t wait to have you back on the scene.
» I guess you stopped eating that apple a day! I’ll plant an apple tree for you. Get well soon buddy.

Not all get well soon wishes need to be hard to put together, after all, this is your family or friends we’re talking about! If you’re not sure of what to say, incorporate one of the above or again, there are some great get well soon poems or get well soon prayers that can be mixed in. A family or friend that is sick, recovering or in for a long road of uncertainty will always appreciate the words of love or encouragement that you provide, so you really cannot get it wrong!

We love hearing from our CBD health community, if you have some great get well soon card ideas, comment below, send them along on social media or email us!

Here’s to your health,

Tim & Tom Trust,
The Trust Brothers

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