MOTHER’S DAY: What To Say, What to Get, For the Most Special Person In Your Life?

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To all Mothers, soon to be, new, or well experienced, the Trust Brothers want to take a moment to say thank you! We appreciate all that you do in raising us and caring for us.

If you want to acknowledge your mother this coming Mother’s day but don’t have any ideas of what to say or what to get for the wonderful woman in your life, have no fear, The Trust Brothers are here!

We have a few inspirational ideas to help you write a heartwarming mother’s day card and a few gift ideas that you can include!

How do you find the right words to say to someone that is so special in your life without sounding cheesy or generic?

How can you express your love for that person in just a few sentences on a card?

Well, the first thing we recommend is when you write your mom a lovely card, don’t rush, slow down, and take a breath. Make yourself comfortable and brainstorm some ideas. We recommend thinking of some fond memories or experiences you had with your mother, writing down those buzz words, and then try writing a few sentences.

Sometimes less is more, and sometimes more is just fine! The point of mother’s day is to let your mother know that you appreciate her. Maybe using a brief message to say that you are thinking of your mother, and wishing her a wonderful day will suffice, and maybe sharing a short memory with her about a happy time will also acknowledge those feelings as well.

When starting to write, here are a few sentences you can start with and expand upon:

“I am so proud to be your child…”

“For all that you do, and all that you are, thank you…”

“Thinking of you, and always sending you my love…”

“I am one lucky kid to have a mom as patient as you…”

“Thank you for being someone that I can look up to, and aspire to be like…”

You can use any form of these to get started, but remember, if it’s from the heart, your mother will love it! Also, you can acknowledge any of the mothers in your life, grandmothers, sisters, or friends. Taking the time to just let someone know that you care about them, can go a really long way!

Okay, so you got the writing down, now what about a gift?

Sure you could send your mother flowers, or maybe a fruit basket, and while we are sure she would love it, it seems overdone and unoriginal. You might want to think outside the box and get creative about a gift. Once again the trust brothers are here to help.

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Here’s to Your Health, and Here’s to Moms,

Tim & Tom
The Trust Brothers

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