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Hello friends and we send healthy and well wishes to you all.

Healthy CBD Recipes:

Looking for some easy to follow recipes with CBD oil. Look no further! The Trust Brothers have cooked up a tasty and healthy menu that you can cook from home.

For starters, who doesn’t love some yummy avocado toast, or a delicious buddha bowl? All our recipes are guides to help the inner cook in you to be inspired and excited to cook your own CBD infused healthy meals.

If you notice you don’t have a certain veggie that is used in our recipes, or don’t like a certain ingredient, or you just want more meat in your meal, feel free to mix it up and try your own CBD inspired recipes.

Our rule of thumb when adding CBD to any recipe is to start with ½ a teaspoon of CBD oil. This is about the equivalent of 2-3 squirts from the oil dropper, which is a good starting place if you aren’t sure about how to dose yourself. If you are already familiar with how to dose yourself, and you use more or less CBD oil, just add the amount of CBD oil you would normally take to any of these recipes and you will be feeling happy and healthy!

Not feeling that adventurous but still really want to try infusing CBD rather than having it straight up? – Don’t stress. You can add our Trust Brothers CBD oil to any tea, coffee, latte, smoothie, juice cleanse, or dressing of your desire!

You really can’t go wrong with adding Trust Brothers CBD oil to any recipe because our CBD oil is tasteless, and the highest quality, American-Made, 100% hemp CBD oil.

Our CBD menu does not include a dessert recipe, but if you have a sweet-tooth-CBD-infused craving, try our delicious CBD Gummies! They’re the perfect way to end your healthy day of eating, without feeling too guilty in indulging in some sweetness.

Adding CBD to your food & beverages is a healthy choice.


CBD can assist with Stress, Anxiety, Pain Management, Sleep and general health and wellness maintenance.

View our safe & secure Trust Brothers CBD online store to stock up now with our Gluten Free, Organic, Vegan, NON-GMO, USA Grown, 0% THC, 100% Awesome and Healthy CBD products.

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Here’s to Your Health!
Tim & Tom
(The Trust Brothers)

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