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Hello friends!

Tim & Tom here (the Trust Brothers).

We talk to so many Americans in search of options for treatment of their ailments, and to achieve health and wellness. Well, help is here. If you fit this description then we’d like to talk to you about CBD (Cannabidiol). There are many ways CBD impacts your health. It has been proven to enhance moods and fight anxiety, even helping alleviate depression so you can get out there and enjoy life!

People’s response to CBD is overwhelmingly positive so it seems as a Health and Wellness trend, CBD is here to stay. Trust us. More and more studies are finding positive results. So many people are discovering the unique beneficial effects of CBD every day and it is becoming more mainstream and commonplace in conversation and lifestyle living.

We hear the chatter and excitement but also the questions.

Our CBD comes from Hemp, not Marijuana and has no 0% THC and is 100% Awesome! So, you will not get high, but you will get happy from healthy benefits of CBD.

If you have been thinking about giving CDB a try, we hope you will give us a try.  “Trust Brothers has the Lowest Cost Ultra-Premium CBD products available anywhere!”

But first, read our “Top 7” list of “Reasons to Try CBD.

7 Reasons to Try CBD

1. Pain Management – While prescription pain relief can become addictive and harmful to your body, CBD offers a natural alternative to managing stiffness, aches, and chronic pain. Cytokines are the enzymes that signal our bodies to produce inflammation. CBD limits the cytokines activity, which reduces inflammation.

2. Less Anxious – CBD lacks the psychoactive drug that is present in marijuana so it won’t make you paranoid, but rather has the ability to both calm and help you focus.

3. Sleep Better – Studies of blood tests have shown that CBD oil influences the dopamine levels in our bloodstream during sleep, which may lead to a better and more relaxed sleep.

4. Reduces Inflammation – CBD is the best for reducing inflammation in just about anywhere in your body, from your head to your toes. In fact, many professional athletes are choosing CBD oil over Ibuprofen, noting that the long-term side effects for Ibuprofen can be very dangerous while CBD essentially has no negative side effects to date.

5. Healthy Skin – Acne is caused by inflammation and overworked sebaceous glands. Studies show that CBD lowers the productions of sebum, the oily Content that clogs your pores, making CBD oil a safe and effective way to clear your skin. Also, CBD reduces the growth of skin cells (keratinocytes), playing a substantial role in the treatment of psoriasis

6. Mood Enhancer – CBD oil has been proven to fight social anxiety and even crippling depression so you can get out there and enjoy your life!

7. Trust Brothers ha NO THC (0%)!

How are you feeling? Exciting stuff, right?

The care and energy we put into our products is unmatched in the industry and we are proud you have chosen us to help make a positive impact on the lives of you and your family. We take quality seriously. That’s why all of our products are made in the United States of America, with the highest quality ingredients, in facilities operating under strict FDA Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines. “Trust Brothers have the most trusted, Lowest Cost Ultra-Premium CBD products available anywhere!” We hope you feel the benefits. Let us know how it works for you and hope to see you as a regular here on the site.

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