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Top 7 Habits of Healthy People

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Hello Friends!

Tim and Tom here for Trust Brothers CBD! Now, if you know us, you’ll know that besides our obvious love for CBD, we’ve always loved two other things, Health and the number 7! So, we figured why not combine our favorite things into a super informative blog that brings important and inspiring health and wellness information directly to folks in tidy lists of 7!

We hope you enjoy our list and we also hope you enjoy our yummy offer waiting for you at the end of this list.

Top 7 Habits of Healthy People:

1. Eat breakfast – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so it is imperative not to skip this meal. Your body requires nutrients to provide the energy you need to get through the day. Eating a well-balanced breakfast will also curb your appetite during lunch time, so you’re not starving and eating yourself into a midday food coma!

2. Drink water, and plenty of it! – Water is so important because it makes up the majority of our bodies and we are constantly losing water when we breathe, digest, and sweat! Replenishing your body with the recommended amount each day, based on your weight, is an excellent way to maintain a healthy life. Experts suggest drinking half an oz. to 1 oz. of water for every pound you weigh. So, if you are 150 lbs., you would want to drink at least 75 oz and up to 150 oz depending on your activity level.

3. Drink alcohol only in moderation & Quit Smoking! – First, let’s get one thing clear: there is absolutely nothing wrong with a glass or two of wine with dinner and even a beer during the game. The key word here is “moderation.” As a rule of thumb, heavy drinking, or “binge drinking” is defined as more than four drinks for women and more than five for men within a two-hour span. Anything more than that is considered excessive and is considered unhealthy. Smoking, do we really have to explain this one? Think about the “7 theory”: Studies have shown that each cigarette you smoke takes 7 minutes from your life expectancy and on average, a pack of cigarettes is $7 dollars. In theory, each time you finish a pack of cigarettes, you have paid your hard-earned money to cut 7 hours from your life.

4. Go offline and head outdoors! – Try to set aside a reasonable amount of time to put your phone away, log off of social media and go outside. Whether it is taking a brisk walk, sitting in the park and reading a book or sunbathing, find a way to get some natural Vitamin D from that amazing yellow ball in the sky! Don’t forget your sunscreen!

5. Take exercise and breathing breaks – This is especially important if you sit behind a computer screen all day. Get up, walk around, stretch your back and neck, do some resistance band training, or just breathe for a minute or two slowly and intentionally. Anything to get your blood flowing! There are even a bunch of free apps out there for your phone that will remind you to move and breathe, so download one today. Moving and breathing regularly will increase your ability to focus, help you get the job done and lead to a healthier and happier you!

6. Learn something new – Feed your brain and increase your general knowledge! Doesn’t matter what it is, just try to learn something you didn’t know when you woke up!

7. Sleep Well – Simply put, and like anything that operates and functions, we need to be recharged. Our bodies need to shut down and reset for optimal brain function. Healthy people make it a habit of getting to bed early and getting 6-8 hours of sleep. Studies show lack of sleep potentially leading to all manner of problems and issues with the human body, so and start making sleep a priority and reap the benefits!

Of course, another rapidly emerging habit of healthy folks is that they use CBD products to help manage pain, mood, sleep, and more! And of course, the really smart ones only use the Trust Brothers Family of lowest cost, Ultra Premium CBD products available anywhere!

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Here’s to Your Health!
Tim & Tom
(The Trust Brothers)

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