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Top 7 Ways to Burn More Calories

top 7 list,Ways to Burn More Calories


We think we can all agree that the hardest part about losing weight is getting started!! We find so many excuses as to why we can’t start today, or “I am going to start Monday” becomes your answer to everything gym related. We, too, are guilty as charged. Seeing as how half of us already don’t want to go, wouldn’t it be great if we knew ways to burn more calories, so we don’t have to spend any more time at the gym than necessary?! That might seem a little backwards to some of you but we’d rather work out extra hard so we can spend less time there! Some of you may like to take your time and work at a nice steady pace, which is fine too. They key here is to make sure that YOU feel comfortable and please don’t put yourself in any risk just to keep up with anybody else, we are all different.

That being said, if you do want to work out a little harder, and add that little extra to your routine, try some of these tips and tricks that will help you do just that! Let us know in the comments section at the bottom of this post, if you have some calorie burning hacks that we don’t mention down below!

Top 7 Ways to Burn More Calories

1. Decrease Reps, Increase Weight – This is a simple, yet effective trick that not only burns calories but helps if you’re looking to build muscle. Increase the weight you lift and decrease the repetitions you do. For example, if you normally do 3 sets consisting of 12 reps, increase the weight you lift until you can only do 3 sets if 8 reps! The key to this exercise is to feel the burn, not to hurt yourself or pull a muscle!

2. Keep A Cool Temp – Did you know the body can burn up to 40% more body fat by trying to keep itself warm in a cool room?! So just by sitting there, you’re burning more calories than you thought! All this time I bet you thought sitting in a hot room, sweating had it benefits, I know I sure did!

3. Don’t skip meals – The common misconception is that by skipping meals, you’ll lose weight but this is not exactly the truth. Our body is much smarter than we think! Because our body uses food as fuel for energy, by skipping meals, you’re robbing yourself of energy, thus, why you will start to feel groggy and sluggish. Moreover, once the body doesn’t get the necessary nutrients it needs, it will go into starvation mode, and protect what little energy it does have by not burning any at all. So essentially, you’re not even burning the normal number of calories you would if you just eat a well-balanced meal.

4. Exercise at your desk – Get creative and come up with different ways to get small workouts in at the office. Use water bottles to do bicep curls, use a sturdy table or chair to do dips, or squat down low to put those files away! Whatever it is, just do it and make sure your boss is okay with it first! If he/she has any qualms about it, make sure you mention that getting up and walking around every hour for 5 mins will boost your productivity for the rest of the 55 minutes! You’re not a computer or a robot, bodies are made to move, if you sit still for too long, you will experience aches and pains and your mind will start to wander off! Win-win situation here! Burn more calories and boost your brain power!

5. Add strength training to your run – whether it be kettlebells, leg weight, or a weighted body suit, adding some weight to your daily run will burn up to 40% more calories per mile than without the extra weight. Additionally, you will notice a quicker transformation to your muscle definition. Keep in mind that the idea of this is not to torture yourself but rather to add a bit of a challenge. If, at any time, you experience a shortness of breath, dizziness, fatigue, please stop immediately and seek medical attention.

6. Do upper body exercise on your lower body – Not literally, but when you’re working on your upper body, take advantage of that time and work on your lower body at the same time. For instance, when you’re doing bicep curls, what are your legs doing? Just standing there, right? Make use of that time and incorporate some legwork in there whenever you can! Some examples of leg exercise you can include in your upper body workout would be the dozens of variations of basic exercises such as squats, lunges and toe raise

7. Use a small water bottle – This one is quite simple, so simple, in fact, it’s silly that we all didn’t think of this ourselves! The logic behind using a small water bottle instead of lugging around a big huge gallon of water is the smaller the bottle is, the faster you will drink it, and the more often you will have to actually get up to go refill it! Also, you will be more inclined to drink more water because finishing a smaller bottle is much less intimidating than gulping down a gallon.

What do you think of these calorie burning tips and tricks? Pretty good, right? Well, we saved the best for last…CBD oil! Yes, CBD! Recent research on the effect of cannabinoid (active ingredient in CBD) and its effect on metabolism. The results were amazing! Not only does CBD activity of mitochondria which are responsible to help the body burn fat!

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