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Top 7 Greatest Health Miracles of All Time

top 7 list,Greatest Health Miracles of All Time

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How many times have you heard the phrase “he/she cheated death”? That is what the people that made our list did! Whether they were blessed or extremely lucky, by all medical standards, these people survived the unthinkable. The very doctors that helped save their lives all agree that these special patients truly are modern day miracles. After reading these harrowing stories of the survivors that made our list, you’ll be calling them miracles too!

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Top 7 Greatest Health Miracles of All Time

1. Open-book fracture – Michael Cassidy, a motorcycle enthusiast, almost lost his life to a bike he grew up riding. Launched head first into a fire hydrant at such a high rate of speed, the impact itself caused Michael’s pelvis to break wide open, like an open book. As Michael was rushed into the ER, doctors knew he was going to need a miracle to survive this. This is when the attending physician, Dr. McNutt had the idea of an internal tourniquet. This procedure involves placing a flexible catheter into the femoral artery (which is located in the thigh), and maneuvering it all the way up into the aorta which is the main artery of our body. Then, a balloon was inflated at the end of the catheter. This invention is made to improve a person’s blood pressure when they are at risk of losing too much of their blood, which would ultimately cause them to bleed out and die. The tourniquet provided just enough time for Michael to undergo a successful surgery where he later made a full recovery.

2. Internal decapitation – An internal decapitation occurs when the head separates from the spine without rupturing the skin and in 98% of all cases, the results are fatal. However; Jordan Taylor walked away from this very thing. Jordan and his mother were involved in a car accident when a dump truck slammed into their car. Doctors were able to reconnect his head to his spine using metal plates and titanium rods and while most people that undergo this surgery are paralyzed, Jordan was able to walk out of the hospital just 3 months after the accident.

3. Cut in half – In 1995, Peng Shulin was in an accident which left him cut in half by a truck and left him just 26” tall. What was left of his body was repaired from grafts taken from the skin on his face. Not only did Mr. Shulin survive but thanks to a prosthetic with bionic legs, he was able to walk again.

4. Awake after a 19-year coma – Polish railroad worker, Jan Grzebski, slipped into a coma after being hit by a train for an astonishing 19 years! His wife never gave up and stood by his side. She took care of him by moving him to prevent bed sores and prayed over him daily. After 19 years, Mr. Grzebski awoke only to be baffled by people talking on cell phones! To date, nobody else has woken from a coma of such length and recovered.

5. Boy born with heart outside his chest – When Christopher Wall was born with his heart beating outside his chest—an extremely rare birth defect known as ectopia cordis—doctors did not expect him to survive even one day. However, Wall just celebrated his 34th birthday. In his first 18 months of life, doctors performed 15 surgeries in an attempt to reposition Walls heart within his chest; when the risks became too great, they gave up and simply covered the heart with extra skin and, eventually, a sternum fashioned from a part of his hip bone. With the extra aid of a plastic chest protector worn under his clothes, Wall took up basketball and karate, which he continues to enjoy today.

6. Sirenomelia – Also known as “Mermaid syndrome”, occurs when a child is born with their legs essentially fused together creating the appearance of a mermaid tail. Shiloh Pepin captured the hearts of viewers everywhere when her everyday struggle at a normal life was documented and shown on TV for the world to see. Shiloh’s lower extremities consisted only of 6” of large intestines and less than half of her kidney, no reproductive organs, no rectum and no bladder. Although doctors cannot be certain, they believe a circulation issue is what leads to one being born with Sirenomelia.

7. Baby born twice – When Keri and Chad McCartney went to the ob-gyn to find out the sex of their baby-to-be six months into the pregnancy, they got some unexpected and frightening news: A grapefruit-size tumor was slowly killing the fetus. Doctors had to remove the tumor—although it wasn’t cancerous, it was sucking up the blood that the fetus needed to grow—and to do so, they performed a surgery that has been completed fewer than 20 times. They brought the baby about 80% out of her mother’s womb, excised the tumor, and then tucked her back in. Ten weeks later, in May 2008, Macie Hope McCartney was born…again.

These were some pretty incredible stories and these people are true miracles. Unfortunately, whether it was a birth defect or a tragic accident, these 7 people couldn’t do anything to prevent their medical conditions.

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