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Top 7 Foods We Should No Longer Eat

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We bet you’re thinking “Wow, there are only 7 on this list?!” and the truth is, this list could exceed far into the hundreds if we had the time! But of all the unhealthy foods that are out there, we are going to let you know which foods an advocate for food and safety swears off. We think you’ll want to take note of these, because not all of them are just bad for you, some of them can even cause serious illnesses simply by the way they’re produced or packaged! That means there is a risk every time you consume one of these! We don’t gamble with our health and you shouldn’t with yours either!

Moving away from foods you should not eat, we can help with the foods you do eat. How, you ask? With CBD Oil. CBD is a great food additive that can be dripped or baked into your foods and also be added to your beverages. CBD is healthy for your body and mind and is showing great signs assisting many folks with their aches, pains, anxiety, sleep disorders, heart health and many more. So, why not add health to your hungry. We have an exclusive offer for the readers of our “Top 7 Lists.’ An offer to try our trustworthy CBD oil for FREE! We have more info abut CBD and the offer waiting for you at the end of this worthy list.

Take a look at our list and let us know if you’re shocked to see any of the foods that made our list!

Top 7 Foods We Should No Longer Eat

1. Canned Vegetables – Health officials warn against eating canned vegetables after 250 different types of canned foods were tested and over 40% tested positive for BPA which has been known to cause cancer and birth defects.

2. Raw Sprouts – Although they’re good for you, sprouts, especially raw, can cause food poisoning because bacteria thrive in dark, humid environments, which is the exact conditions needed to grow sprouts. It was reported that contaminated sprouts were to blame for the death of some 30 people in Germany in 2011. It is believed that thousands more were affected, yet never sought out medical treatment.

3. Raw Milk – Pasteurization is the process in which milk is heated up to a mild temperature in order to kill bacteria and extend the amount of time it can be consumed. When this process is not conducted, the milk or other dairy product is referred to as “raw.” While some believe raw milk offers some benefits not found in milk that has been pasteurized, the truth is, the risk for contracting a deadly disease such as E. coli, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, scarlet fever, polio, and dysentery, is far too high to risk.

4. Raw Eggs – We’ve all seen people gulping down raw eggs, especially when depicting healthy eating or bodybuilding but the truth is, health officials highly advise against this practice. When eggs are cooked, they undergo a pasteurization process and minimizes our risk of salmonella.

5. Raw Oysters – Norovirus is really the most well-known reason for nourishment borne disease brought about by the utilization of bivalve shellfish debased with human fecal issue. Actually, some ongoing tests done in the United Kingdom found that very nearly 70 percent of the crude shellfish sold in the U.K. contain Norovirus.

6. Rare/Medium Rare Meat – Although some of you may love a rare/medium rare steak, there is no safe way to assure what you’re eating is 100% safe. Because meat needs to reach a certain temperature in order to assure that any threat from harmful bacteria is removed, the rarer you prefer, the higher risk you’re in

7. Pre-Cut Fruits and Vegetables – When you purchase food that is already cut, the risk for contamination is increased because you have to account for the cleanliness of the environment in which it was prepared. Also, instead of just washing one surface of the food, there are several pieces that may already have their protective skin removed and ready to eat; thus, leaving your food susceptible to bacteria.

Hopefully you won’t be too bummed about one of your favorite foods making the list! We know how much you don’t want to miss out on the nutritional value of those yummy raw eggs! Not to worry though, we have a solution! If you guessed CBD oil, you are absolutely correct! CBD oil can supplement some of the nutrients you may be missing from some of your favorite foods, like the powerful antioxidants found in Vitamin C and E! That’s right, with all the health benefits it already offers, you can add daily supplement to the list of all the great things CBD has to offer.

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