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Top 7 Ways to Leave Work at The Office and Enjoy Your Free Time

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Tim & Tom, (The Trust Brothers) here again with a very important and handy list for you.

What kind of employee are you?

Relax, this isn’t an interview. We just want to know if you’re like many, the type of employee that clocks out, and still stresses out about what they didn’t get a chance to do. In fact, we used to stress out so much that by the time we needed to clock in for work the NEXT day, we were already mentally drained and felt like we’d never left! That’s not good. If you were an employer, would you want the people that are responsible for making your business run to feel this way? We mean, sure, it’s nice to know that your employees are passionate about what they’re doing but if they’re not on their A-game, ultimately, everybody suffers; you, your quality of work, and eventually, your job.

ARGGG!!! Go ahead, yell it out, relieve that stress and angst. Anxiety and stress SUCK! It can be deadly! It can eat you up from the inside, suck the life out of you and create havoc on your heart, your mind, your body and soul. It is serious stuff. But, just yelling out will not help. That’s why it is important for us to share these tips on how to separate the worker in you from the you that should be relaxing on your days off.

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Top 7 Ways to Leave Work at The Office and Enjoy Your Free Time

1. Begin the day with an end in mind – Don’t start your day off feeling as though you’ll never get to go home, as if you’re being held hostage. It is good to have a plan of action, or a list of priorities to tackle, once you get going on it, it will be lunch in no time, then you’re done a few hours later!

2. Do the most important work first – You want to make sure you get the urgent tasks done first, when your energy level and focus is at its highest. Leave things that don’t require too much haste for after lunch and the end of the day. This will ensure that the rest of your day is fairly clear for any immediate urgencies that may come up and also, you’ll have less important tasks to do as you start to fizzle. Once you go home, you’ll be reassured that you did everything you’re supposed to do.

3. Step away from email/work communication – It is common to worry about what is going on at work on your days off. Especially if you’re responsible for other people or to make sure certain things get done. But your boss will understand that you need days off to reset your brain and come back ready to work! If your job communicates via email, text, or instant messaging, turn off the notifications for the group chats and instead only leave on the notifications from your boss, that way, if it’s urgent, you’ll be reachable.

4. Use technology to help you focus – Utilize any resources available to help you focus on your work so you can finish and enjoy your day. There are apps that help you breathe, meditate, focus, etc. Try these for some ideas on which ones you should give a try 7 mobile apps that help you relax.

5. Make plans – If you spend your days off just sitting around at home, it’s harder to refrain from taking a peek at your office email, or working on that never-ending task you are assigned to. Rather than allow this to happen, make plans to do something so you’re less likely to have any time to drop in and do some work.

6. Don’t talk about work during your personal time – Sure, it’s okay to retell a joke or a funny story about something that happened at work, but the more you intertwine the two; work and home, the harder it will be to separate them. This is especially true if you’re complaining about your job. It makes those that care about you have so animosity towards your boss, or your coworkers that they don’t even know! Plus, other people in your life probably don’t want to hear about Karen in the cubicle next to you, let be honest. Instead, keep your work relationships separate from personal and vice versa.

7. Love your job – Find reasons to love and be thankful for your job. Whether you do what you truly love and landed your dream job or maybe you’re just working through school, or simply, an opportunity fell into your lap that you couldn’t refuse, love, appreciate and protect your job. Think about how hard life would be without it. Think about all the things you can afford with your job. And if you simply cannot find one good thing about the place you spend up to 40 hours a week, it’s probably time to start looking for a new job!

We know you’re probably saying to yourself,” I can’t relax when I have so much to get done though…” We know the feeling! But unless you’re at your full potential, you’re just wasting your time as well as your employers. A surefire way to increase the amount of work you accomplish is to make sure your mind is focused on the task at hand. And the best way to do that is to include a dose of Trust Brothers CBD oil into your daily routine. You will notice how much more productive you are when your mind is firing on all pistons and you have the energy to burn!

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