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Top 7 Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels

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Sorry, we were screaming in All Caps. We have great energy today.

How is your day going? Did you accomplish everything you set out to do? If not, what kept you from completing your priority list? Did you get tied up at work? Not enough time? Or did you just lack the energy to do anything else? Because that’s our excuse…and yes, it is an excuse.

Shake things up and shake your head, arms, hands, legs and maybe even your booty! WHOA! Snap out of it and let’s get those energy levels boosted.

You know that good energy, breeds good everything. You emanate it and people see it and they feel it like you feel it. Energy lights up more than a room, it lights up your being and those around you.

After you read our Top 7 tips and tricks to increase your energy level, we will let you in on the world’s best kept secret that you need to take advantage of!

Top 7 Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels

1. Tapping your thymus – This is a practice that involves you externally stimulating your thymus gland to produce T-cells. These cells are responsible for boosting our energy, changing our mood, and suppressing our appetite.

Follow these easy steps to tap your thymus:
First find your thymus gland by taking your three middle fingers and feel the space about three inches above your breast bone, then you apply light to medium pressure in the form of tapping. Keep tapping until you feel a sense of relief. Practice tapping several times a day, every day; if needed.

2. Get some sun – If you find yourself losing your steam midday, take a quick break and get some sunlight. Just a few minutes a day will help your body produce Vitamin D and it will also boost your levels of serotonin; the hormone responsible for putting us in a good mood.

3. Socialize with High-Energy Friends – We have all heard of the saying “birds of a feather flock together”, right? Well, that same principle applies when you find yourself lacking energy or the drive to get up and get out! If your friends are couch potatoes, chances are you’re less likely to find the urge to do something outside of your home. It’s okay to stay inside, some of us are homebodies; but if you’re looking to boost your energy, ditch your lazy friends for the night!

4. Sit straight up – Did you know that when you slouch in your chair, your body takes in 30% less oxygen than a person that is sitting straight up? If our bodies are slowly being oxygen deprived, we are essentially harming our body’s ability to keep our energy level up. So, it turns out, there’s a reason why our parents nagged us to sit straight up!

5. Eat an apple – Apples are loaded with antioxidants, vitamin C and fiber which is pertinent to providing energy. It also provides the nutrients needed to stabilize your blood sugar and boost your energy level.

6. Eat a Nutritious Diet – Following a healthy diet allows your body good, clean fuel in which to turn into energy for your body to function. If you’re consuming fast food, or other foods loaded with preservatives and other things our body cannot easily digest, you’re likely to feel tired and ready for a nap rather than energized.

7. Avoid sugar – This may come as a bit of a surprise, seeing as how we seem to think that sweets make us hyper and full of energy, and there is a bit of truth to that. When we consume excessive amounts of sugar, our body is temporarily satisfied but as soon as the effects wear off, you will crash and feel even more tired than before.

Lack of energy is truly a vicious cycle that you have to nip in the bud in order to break! If you don’t get enough sleep, you wake up tired, you can’t focus, you’re grumpy, you’re moody, possible running late and the chain of events just gets worse and worse as your day progresses. And don’t even think about exercising! It’s just not going to happen!

So, what is going to take to get your body on the right track? CBD oil, that’s what! It is literally the BEST thing you can find to give you a natural boost of energy that lasts throughout the day because it works with the part of your body that produces energy! No more harmful substances that give you energy and then cause you to crash! Do your body this favor, there will be no denying how great you feel!

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