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Top 7 Tips and Tricks for Healthy Feet

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Spring is in swing! Time for tank tops and flip flops! Hopefully we all have our pedicures scheduled! Dry heels and claw toenails are not only unsightly but can actual cause major health issues such as fungal infections and ingrown toenails. Painted nails are nice and all but that is just for looks. If you aren’t aware of how to keep your feet healthy, you will benefit from our list. You will also benefit from our Trust Brothers CBD Oil, as the healthy hemp extract that’s all the buzz around the world can be in your hands and on your feet if you act today.

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Top 7 Tips and Tricks for Healthy Feet

1. Examine your feet – Make sure you thoroughly clean your feet and softly exfoliate the bottom, mainly your heels. Make sure you have no cuts, or abrasions. Also make sure your toenails are clean and filed.

2. Breathable shoes – It is important that your feet can breathe in the shoes you wear. Plastic shoes don’t give your feet the opportunity to breathe and sweat collects and creates the environment for fungus to grow.

3. Avoid sharing shoes – Because we can’t always be too sure our friends and family take care of their feet as good as we do, we probably shouldn’t borrow or loan out shoes. This is to reduce the risk of contracting athletes foot, or any other contagious fungus that could make your life a living hell.

4. Protect in public places – This should go without saying, but for those that still like to kick it caveman style; going barefoot in public is not only disgusting, but it is also dangerous. In addition to germs from things like urine, saliva, blood, or even traces of feces on the ground, there is also glass, rocks, and other objects that can puncture your skin and allow bacteria to get in your bloodstream. Even if you happen to be at lake, a beach, or even a waterpark, we strongly suggest you wear water shoes while you’re there.

5. Toenail maintenance – Proper toenail maintenance can reduce the risk of toenail fungus and painful ingrown toenails from occurring. Be sure not to trim them too short but also; you want to make sure there isn’t any pressure on your toenails when your shoes are on. This can be extremely uncomfortable

6. Wear shoes that fit – Wearing shoes that do not fit can lead to long term issues, not to mention you’ll be in some great physical pain. The best time to shop for shoes is at the end of your day when your feet are a bit swollen. Also, opt for round toe shoes instead of pointy; as the latter can cause ingrown toenails and bunions.

7. Moisturize – We don’t want our feet wet or sweaty but we do want them moisturized. This is to prevent your heels from cracking. Many of you may not know this but experts strongly suggest that we do not apply lotion between our toes, this area is already sweaty and adding lotion can increase the risk of fungal growth.

We have bonus tip for you! Give yourself a relaxing foot rub by mixing a drop of Trust Brothers CBD oil with your daily moisturizer to give your skin a radiant glow while protecting your feet from any bacteria that may come in contact with them. You’ll notice your feet feel a softer in no time! This tip can be utilized for any part of your body, not just your feet!

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