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Top 7 Tricks to Burn Belly Fat

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What’s shakin’ friends?

If it’s a little bit of your belly that’s shakin’, we can help with this list and a special offer.

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you know that one of the hardest parts of your body to get rid of is belly fat. You may notice your arms, legs, and even your face getting thinner but often times, that muffin top just doesn’t want to go away! It’s terribly frustrating! And as you get older, it just gets more and more difficult, doesn’t it?

How many different “secrets to losing your belly fat” fad diets have you tried? We’ve, for one have tried a few and needless to say, none of them worked! We thought we were destined to carry these extra few inches around our waistline forever! Then we tried CBD oil! And then we got into the CBD oil business. You need to combine a daily dose with diet and exercise but it makes your quest for a washboard stomach sooo much easier because it gives you plenty of energy to hit the gym, helps to suppress your appetite, and gives you mental clarity so you stay on the right track!

Top 7 Tricks to Burn Belly Fat

1. Eat a high protein diet – Eating a high protein diet is very important for weight control. Foods that are high in protein contain the hormone that is associated with causing our bodies to feel full and it raises our metabolism. Those that work out will be happy to know that protein is responsible for helping our bodies retain muscle mass when we lose weight, especially in the abdominal muscles.

2. Cardio – High-impact workouts, or cardio, is a viable method to improve your health, burn calories, and has been directly attributed to cutting midsection fat. Check out our list for some of the best cardio workouts Top 7 Cardio workouts

3. Eat soluble fiber – Eat your fiber! The soluble kind! The reason being is that soluble fiber absorbs water while forming a gel that actually slows down the digestive process; thus, helping you feel full while actually eating less!

4. Cut out the alcohol – If you enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or the occasional beer while watching football, not to worry! Studies show that those that drink daily are more likely to suffer from central obesity–yes, that means around your belly. As long as you drink in moderation, and follow the rest of the tips on this list, you don’t have to worry about sporting a beer belly.

5. No sugar – Fructose, one of the two main components in sugar, is our enemy when ingested in excess! Unlike glucose, which is utilized by our cells to produce energy, the only part of our body that can process fructose is our liver. When the liver is overloaded, the liver turns the sugar into fat. So, imagine what this does to your waistline!

6. Drink green tea – Green tea is a very healthy drink. It contains caffeine and the cancer prevention agent epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), the two of which seem to support digestion. EGCG is a catechin, which a few examinations recommend might be powerful in losing stomach fat. The impact might be reinforced when green tea is combined with cardio and healthy, clean eating.

7. Sip warm water – This may sound weird but the reason behind it is pretty basic; warm water raises your body temperature, which raises your metabolism, which allows your body to burn even more calories while your metabolism is up.

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* We always recommend that you consult your physician about taking CBD if you are currently taking medications, and suffering from many or specific ailments.

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