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Top 7 Ways to Improve Your Marriage

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Hey lovebirds!

This one is for our married couples. How many times have you tried to think of something, any little thing, you could do to possibly make your spouse happy? We aren’t talking about material things or extravagant trips (save those for special occasions). We are talking about small changes to your behavior or taking the time out on a designated day of the week to let your loved one know that your marriage is something that is important to you and your dedicated to working on it every day for the rest of your lives.

Clear your mind and hone your focus. Lock in on the important things. It can be hard with so many distractions and activity through each day. Clutter in your life and clutter in your mind. It sucks! We grab our head or we just keep speeding through the rubble and before you know it time has passed and you passed up the important things. You need some help to clear the clutter and clear the path the better time management and better time spent with your loved one. Consider CBD oil. That’s right, CBD, because it has shown to be very beneficial to reduce stress and anxiety to better focus. Check out this list below as it is very important; as important as your marriage.

Top 7 Ways to Improve Your Marriage

1. Seek help early – Accepting that your marriage may be in trouble is the first step to making it better if both parties are willing. All couples are different so only you can decide when you need someone to intervene in order to mediate your differences but experts definitely urge you to use either couples’ therapy or marriage counseling as a way to better understand each other. Not as a last resort.

2. Edit yourself – Let me make this clear, editing yourself is in no way suggesting that you change who you are to make someone else happy. BUT…yes, there is a but…When you are married to someone and expect that your union is going to last a lifetime, there are certain things that are okay to change and more than a few that you should definitely change! Grooming habits, the way you spend, bad habits, your social circle, the way you communicate; these are things that are okay to modify so that you are respectful of the other person you share your world with.

3. Don’t be afraid to fight for your marriage – Fight for your marriage to work! Say sorry first. Admit you’re wrong when you are. Initiate conversation if there is tension. Remember, this person is the one person that vowed to stand beside you through any and everything so they deserve your consideration as you deserve theirs. Put your pride aside.

4. Don’t skip sex! – The intimacy in your marriage is important because your partner needs to feel that you still desire them. And it isn’t fair for just one party to put forth the effort only to get shot down. In a marriage, sex enforces stability because of the bond that is created.

5. Date Night! – Plan a date night at least once a month, twice is better if you can swing it. Go out to the movies, have drinks, get out of the house and enjoy yourselves together. Do not invite anyone to tag along unless you both agree for a double date night and definitely don’t take your kids along. Take turns planning what you will do. You can also use this opportunity to plan surprises for one another

6. Be appreciative – Sometimes we forget to do or acknowledge the small things that make someone else feel appreciated, like saying “Thank you, I appreciate you taking care of the laundry. That helped my day go a lot smoother.” Don’t just assume that your partner knows you are thankful for all they do. Express it. Words are enough. There is no need to go out and buy a gift because your partner did their share of the work. Stating your gratitude is enough and will be appreciated from their end.

7. Maintain your privacy – Keep your personal matters personal. Off of social media and don’t tell your family either. This will only create sides and further the divide between you two. Of course, it is okay to vent, but you might want to try writing in a journal or talking to a therapist. Once you involve third parties, they’re sure to become biased and you’re only giving them your side of the story. It’s only a matter of time until your family no longer respects your partner and begins to express their feelings which leads to disaster.

Unless you’re Dr. Phil, we know you’re not going to have all the answers to life’s questions, nor will compromising and negotiating all the time come so easy. If you find that you’re stressed out about a little argument you may have had with your mate, try taking a dosage of CBD oil to calm your nerves and help you clear your mind, refocus, and start fresh!

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