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Top 7 Drinks to Avoid for Longevity

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When consumed in large amounts, sugar is detrimental to your health, and some forms of sugar are worse than other. Sugary drinks are by far the worst! And don’t believe the ‘diet,’ ‘no sugar,’ ‘no carbs’ labeling as the bad stuff is hidden in the extra ingredients.

We have something for you that may help you and replace what you get from these drinks. What is it, you ask? CBD Oil of course, as that is what we do, what we love and what we truly believe in.

All of these drinks on our list have large amount of sugar in common, here is more reasons why you should avoid these drinks at all costs.

Top 7 Drinks to Avoid for Longevity

1. Soda – The large amount of sugar in soda does so much harm to our bodies, it should be illegal. Not only does it contribute to weight gain due to the fact that the sugar in soda does not suppress our appetite, but is also one of the leading causes in Type II Diabetes and can lead to an insulin resistance.

2. Energy Drinks – Aside from giving you the temporary boost of energy to start your day, energy drinks do nothing else aside from harm to your body. Not only do these drinks mess up your sleep, raise your blood pressure, and cause weight gain, energy drinks have also been linked to mental health issues, substance abuse, tooth decay, and kidney problems.

3. Coffee specialty drinks – The flavor options are seemingly endless when it comes to these popular coffee drinks, and we admit, they’re incredibly tasty, but not without cost. Chocolate, marshmallow, whipped cream, caramel, are just some of the choices, all delicious and all loaded with sugar in addition to the X amount (you pick) pumps of sugar can lead to serious health concerns. These drinks can have as much as 21 tsp of sugar, that is 84 grams of sugar in one single cup. High blood pressure, obesity, cancer, Diabetes, are some of the risks we face when ordering one of these, and more and more a popular chain of coffee specialty drinks has made a mass appeal on our youth; who are already at risk as a high percentage of children in the US are considered obese.

4. Fruit juice – Unless you’ve opted for 100% fruit juice, the health benefits you should be receiving fruit juice is full of sugar. We tend to give our children these drinks that boast some nutritional value, but when closely scrutinized, the value is less than 1% of the recommended daily amount. Yet, we let our children drink as much as they want because, its apple juice, after all. Tooth decay, obesity, and diabetes can be linked to fruit juice marketed especially towards children,

5. Sweet tea – Tea is good for you, let’s get that straight. Sweet tea, however; is not and can cause kidney failure when consumed excessively.

6. Hot cocoa – Although drinking a cup of hot chocolate can have some benefits, the cons outweigh the pros. In addition to sugar, there is also the risk of diabetes, weight gain, tooth decay and heart disease.

7. Artificially sweetened juice – Artificially sweetened juice differs from the rest of the list due to it possibly being sweetened by ingredients such as aspartame, saccharin, sucralose and acesulfame potassium. If you see one of these artificial sweeteners on the label of your drink, beware. These sugar substitutes have been linked to cancer, thyroid problems and preterm birth.

If someone asked me why we drank most of the drinks in our list, we would say,” simple…We need the energy!” That was until we discovered the boost of energy we get from taking our daily dosage of CBD! We’re not just pulling your leg here, mornings for us are THE WORST! But with our Trust Brothers CBD oil, we no longer have to stop and grab a cup or two…. or three…. of coffee!

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* We always recommend that you consult your physician about taking CBD if you are currently taking medications, and suffering from many or specific ailments.

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