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Top 7 Reasons Booze is a Bad Idea

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Today we’re on the subject of booze. No, no, we aren’t here to teach you a new drinking game, not this time at least! We want to talk about reasons why excessive boozing is a bad idea. Although it may seem as if we’re here to take the fun out of your life, keep in mind that our main purpose is to give you tips and tricks for you to stay healthy and live a long life!

CBD can also be a great additive to your beverages. CBD has no psychoactive effect on the brain, and is not addictive (Healthy, Not High)!

It is important for us to point out that we understand the dangers of alcohol addiction and how very serious of a disease it is and in no way are we implying that just by following these 7 Tips, you’ll be rehabilitated. If you, or someone you love, is addicted to alcohol please seek professional help or contact your local Alcoholics Anonymous.

Top 7 Reasons Booze is a Bad Idea

1. Impaired Judgement – There is no question about the effect that alcohol has on your ability to make a sound judgement while intoxicated. But this doesn’t only pertain to that creepy guy you gave your phone number to at the bar last weekend. The inability to efficiently assess your own situation could be very costly and, in some cases, fatal for those under the influence. Drinking and driving, for instance, is absolutely the worst thing one can do while drunk. There are so many risks that we can recognize while sober; but if you’ve ever wrestled your best friend’s car keys away so they wouldn’t drive home drunk, then you know that the person that is totally drunk, feels like they’re “just fine.” Never trust the word of your drunk buddy, they’re judgement is of little to no validity.

2. Cost – Depending on what you drink, alcohol can run you a pretty penny. If you’re out for a night on the town, you’re looking to spend money on a car service so you’re not at risk of a DUI, money to buy drinks, and we won’t even mention the amount of times you may shout “shots on me for everybody!” This adds up quickly! Instead of boozing, start a savings account and add the cost of going out to your account. You will soon start to realize the impact the booze had on your finances.

3. Skin Condition – Alcohol does a real number on your skin and is probably worse than you realize. After our body metabolizes alcohol, the byproduct we produce is actually very toxic to our skin and causes it to dehydrate. Dry skin is what ultimately leads to wrinkles and makes us look older than we really are. Dehydration is also a key catalyst in booze breakouts.

4. Weight Gain – The saying “beer belly” isn’t just a term we use to describe the stereotypical dad bod. The bloated belly you might notice a heavy beer drinker sporting is due to the fact not only does beer contain lots of calories, but also our liver breaks down the alcohol and metabolizes it instead of the fat; making it even harder for us to work it off.

5. Bad for Health – Experts have done extensive tests to determine if any amount of alcohol is considered a “healthy amount” and have so far come up with none. The more alcohol you consume, the higher the chances are of you developing one of the 23 identified alcohol related health issues such as cancer, tuberculosis, or liver failure. Alcohol can pretty much have a negative effect on almost every part of our body, from head to toe. So please drink responsibly and in moderation.

6. Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde – We all know that one person that is usually quiet and shy, until they have a couple drinks, and then they’re an absolute nightmare and nobody wants to be around them anymore. Or maybe you are that person? Either way, this drastic personality change, although alcohol induced, is often referred to as the “Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde drunk.” Often times, the aggressive, drunk personality is violent and fueled by drunken rage. This blind fury can often lead to some abhorrent actions that are incomprehensible, even to the person that did them. Domestic violence, bar fights, altercations with law enforcement such as resisting arrest, assaulting officers and high-speed chases are just some of the things a split personality drunk would do and have no recollection of it the next day.

7. Professional Life Suffers – Heavy drinkers are often late to work, have a history of calling in or are otherwise unreliable. They tend to show up to work disheveled and unkempt, or what we commonly refer to as a showing sign of a “hangover,” Eventually, your coworkers and bosses will start to notice their appearance and become concerned and may even have a formal one on one. Some jobs will even allow you to take time off of work in order to go to rehab and you won’t lose your job. The only catch is that you must request the time off before you’re suspected of any alcohol or drug-related behavioral issues.

Lots of people say drinking is a way to relax and relieve stress but did you know that CBD oil actually works with your Endocannabinoid system to balance your homeostasis and help you achieve a natural balance and a sense of calm and tranquility? So, the next time you want to pick up a drink, try taking a dose of CBD oil and discover how wonderful you will feel!

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