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Top 7 Ways to Kick Your Smoking Habit

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Happy day to you friends!

If you’re reading this, you have officially taken the first step to kicking your nicotine habit—so, congratulations! You’ve decided to put your health first, and that is something to be proud of! Starting today, you have so much more to look forward to! Breathing easier, sleeping better, smelling better, and looking better. Those are just a few examples of what you have in store for you so don’t put this off! Start today!

If you’re unsure of how to go about quitting your nicotine habit, take a look at our list of Top 7 ways to kick your smoking habit!

Top 7 Ways to Kick Your Smoking Habit

1. Plan your success! A written plan makes it much easier to be focused, confident, and motivated to quit. You might want to explore different types of plans to determine which one is more likely to help you be successful. Plan out ways to distract yourself, a list of people to contact when you’re having cravings, etc.

2. Ask for help – Talk to someone you know that has quit smoking and ask them for tips. You can also look for local support groups either in your city or online. Find blogs, read books, journals, articles, etc. Don’t try to take it on alone, kicking an addiction is very tough but there is help out there.

3. Spend time with non-smokers – Try to switch up the people that you’re around if your current crowd smokes, especially if you’re not strong enough to resist the urge yet. Your friends will understand. And once you’re officially a non-smoker, you can help them kick the habit as well!

4. Smoke free zones – Pretty much anywhere you go these days is considered a “smoke free zone”, but if you’re a smoker, you know where it’s allowed, so stay clear of those areas. No need to tempt yourself.

5. Avoid caffeine – I know some of you are probably thinking “no cigarettes and now you’re telling me no caffeine either?!” and we get it–but there is a solid reason behind it. Caffeine makes you jittery, especially coffee, and usually the jitters are calmed by having a cigarette, it’s probably a relationship that you never even noticed and one can’t survive without the other. Once you have a cup of coffee, you’ll notice that your cravings intensify and you’re more likely to relapse. If you want to do it right and make it easier on yourself, go all the way and pack that coffee machine away, your body will thank you and you will start to see and feel the benefits in no time!

6. Say goodbye to your smoking supplies – This includes your lighters, ashtrays, sprays, emergency stashes of cigarettes, EVERYTHING! Throw it all out! There will be no need for a “just in case” situation because you’re going to be successful at this

7. Keep yourself occupied – Be active and avoid boredom, as you will want to smoke. Walk around, breathe in some fresh air, clean the house, do yard work, organize your house and work spaces. Just be busy, even if for a couple of minutes so you break the thought-to-smoke feeling and divert your mind and thinking to something else. This really works and it is simple. Chewing gum, drinking water, stretching out your arms are all something. They are all things that stimulate an active thought or action that isn’t smoking.

CBD can help with your nicotine addiction, too! Studies have shown that CBD oil helped to reduce the urge to smoke by over 40%, which is amazing! It also satisfied the oral fixation, or the “pleasantness” of smoking, as some would say. Lastly, and probably most importantly, in participants that were down to not smoking at all, but still having cravings, CBD oil helped by reducing the withdrawal symptoms tremendously. Not only will you get all the other health benefits that CBD oil has to offer, but you’ll be kicking a really nasty habit as well!

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