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Top 7 Reasons Sugar is the Worst Thing on Earth

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Is sugar bad for you? Can it really have a head-to-toe impact on the human body? When we’re talking about added sugar, the answer is a loud, “yes.” Although the sugar industry has actively fought to change public opinion about the health effects of sugar, we now know today that sugar impacts just about every organ system in the body. And not in a good way. We’re hoping the latest science on sugar will help inspire you to deal with sugar addiction. Let’s take a look at the top ways added sugar destroys your body.

Top 7 Reasons Sugar is the Worst Thing on Earth

1. Sugar, not fat, causes heart disease – Contrary to what we’ve been told, it’s not fat or even cholesterol from eggs that is linked to heart disease but rather sugar! Extensive research proved that sugar was the cause of high levels of triglycerides in our body which poses a risk for stroke and heart disease. Furthermore, sugar also lead to the rise of Beta-glucuronidase which causes bladder cancer.

2. Leading cause of obesity – Candy, cake, ice cream and all the other countless sweet treats are creating an unhealthy future for our children.

3. Suppresses Immune system – Eating or drinking too much sugar hinders the cells that attack bacteria from effectively doing their job, thus making us more susceptible to disease and other harmful ailments caused by bacteria.

4. Tooth decay – Sugar causes tooth decay in all ages and in all stages of tooth dentition. From parents putting fruit juice in baby bottles, to adults eating taffy and gummy worms, sugar does more damage to our teeth than any other food or drink.

5. Causes Wrinkles – Sugar damages the elastin and collagen in your skin and is directly related to the reason why our skin will experience wrinkles and sagging. Additionally, even a small number of wrinkles can cause dark spots in your skin and cause your skin to dry out.

6. Causes Inflammation – When your blood sugar rises, your body will produce more cytokines which are pro-inflammatory molecules. This is another reason why you hear if you eat sugar, you’ll gain weight.

7. Causes Depression – Our brains tend to crave sugar when we are depressed in order to get a quick release of serotonin, which ultimately leads us to crash harder later on.

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