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Top 7 Things All Top Athletes Have in Common

top 7 list, all athletes have in common

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What does it take to be a top athlete? We don’t mean captain of your JV football team in high school either. We mean, an Olympic Medalist, or a Champion, such as Steph Curry, Lionel Messi, or Serena Williams. Aside from the obvious natural born talent, have you ever wondered what motivates them to be the best of the best? When did they realize they could be the best?

Most of us have participated in recreational sports when we were kids. Some of us may have played on a collegiate level, but there is a small percentage of athletes around the world that have the ability to compete with the very best of the best in their respective sport.

These athletes have developed habits that are essential for reaching their peak performance in sports as well as everyday life and although we may not possess the same physical abilities that they do, we can still learn from these habits.

A great list below and easy to connect-the-dots to the keys of achieving great success. Good health, wellness and clear and focus mind is also key to achieving anything positive in life. If you haven’t heard CBD is trending throughout the world and showing great signs of helping with ailments that affect your body and mind.

Top 7 Things All Top Athletes Have in Common

1. Maintain a winner’s mindset – Pro athletes always maintain the mindset that they are winners on a winning team. Even when the odds are against them, they are motivated by winning that final game, taking home the ring, or the cup, etc. They can visualize themselves hitting the winning homerun, scoring the winning basket, kicking the winning goal. They never allow themselves to believe they’re going to do anything but win and come out as the victor.

2. Face their weaknesses – Pro athletes are able to recognize that they are not perfect and although their fans treat them like gods, they understand the areas they’re weak in and work towards getting better. These athletes not only train hard with the team, but they’re in the gym and working with their personal trainers on their own time as well.

3. Embrace growth – Professional athletes always strive to be better. They never feel as though they’ve reached the pinnacle of their physical ability, even with millions of fans and constantly receiving praise, they are always pushing themselves to be better, faster, and stronger.

4. No distractions – There are distractions everywhere, for everyone, but especially for professional athletes. The money they have puts them in a position to have anything they want but the luxury has to come second to the game itself.

5. No shortcuts – With all the supplements and steroids that are on the market today, albeit the black market, the temptation is there for athletes to take the easy route and give in to some of these performance enhancing drugs. But the athletes that are in it for the sport and the journey it takes to get there, they won’t opt for any shortcuts. Hard work pays off.

6. They are coachable – Pro athletes always have coaches that helped shape who they are. They listen and respect their coaches and understand that no matter how good they may be, they don’t know everything. They always have room to grow and are open to constructive criticism. Many athletes have someone they credit to helping them get to where they are today, and many of those influential people are their coaches.

7. Discipline – Discipline is everything. An undisciplined athlete won’t last very long as a professional. Many drafts out of college don’t make it because they lack the discipline that is required to be successful in the big league. Not only do they have to be disciplined with workout regimen, their diets, what they put their bodies through on and off season; but also, who they surround themselves with and what they spend their free time doing.

We all can’t be top athletes or even good athletes, but we can study them and take on the characteristic that make them great as we can use them in business and in life to help achieve our best life. Thank you for your time today and we hope you’ll return as a regular reader and online shopper.

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