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Top 7 Tips and Tricks for Better Looking Hair

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could look like you just stepped foot out of a hair salon every time you left the house?! I think it would be awesome! I’m not talking about just styling it on your own, but the look and feel of it! The shine, body and bounce–a look that is sometimes so hard to achieve with all the harsh chemicals (dyes, washes, masks), pollutants, and even genetics playing a role in how healthy your hair looks but more importantly, how healthy it actually IS! Just like your body, we figured your hair can never be too healthy; so, we put together the top 7 tips and tricks to help you maintain a healthy mane!

CBD is showing in some studies to be beneficial to healthy hair and healthy hair growth. CBD oil helps with inflammation and blood circulation which are desirable to the whole body and even your head of hair. Take advantage of the tips in our list and take advantage of our THC-Free CBD.

Top 7 Tips and Tricks for Better Looking Hair

1. Oil/moisturize your hair – This is especially true if you wash your hair every single day because you are essentially stripping your hair of its natural oils which will cause limp, dry hair with a chance of more split ends occurring. If you have curly or coarse hair, you need more oil in your hair so you should probably skip a day or even two between washing, depending on your daily activity.

2. Never wash your hair with hot water – We know taking a lukewarm or a cold shower isn’t ideal and it’s so relaxing to stand under hot water but it’s not the best for your hair. Hot water makes your hair a lot less resilient and easy to break. Additionally, it weakens your hair at the roots which makes it vulnerable to break. Cool water, on the other hand, makes your hair shiny, reduces frizz and increases blood circulation to your scalp which stimulates hair growth.

3. Dilute the shampoo – Adding water to your shampoo will not only make it last longer, but it will weaken the strength of it as we all tend to use way too much to begin with. Shampoo strips the natural oils from your scalp and hair and the more you use, the more you can count on a dry scalp and limp looking hair. Additionally, because we tend to use so much shampoo, rinsing it all out properly becomes an issue and you will notice buildup on your scalp that often is mistaken for dandruff.

4. Apply conditioner only to the ends of your hair – If you are not over washing your hair, your scalp and roots do not need conditioner so it is best to skip conditioning this area. If you have been conditioning wrong, you may be experiencing an itchy scalp, and your hair may noticeably look heavy and dirty. Try our tip and see if you notice the difference.

5. Use a microfiber towel – Microfiber towels absorb water much quicker than regular towels without the need to rub, which causes frizz. Also, lint from regular towels causes hair to tangle.

6. Detangle in the shower – Although it is best to use your fingers to detangle, a wide tooth comb will also do the job if necessary. Hair detangles best when damp but will also tangle just as easy if you comb under running water, so try to step away from the water or turn off the faucet. Before detangling, either use a detangling spray or apply some conditioner before you start gently combing from the bottom to the roots.

7. Deep condition – Healthy hair is moisturized and shiny and with all the heat from flat irons, blow dryers and curling irons, plus the chemical damage from dyes, perms, and chemical straighteners, your hair might look great, but the health of it is lacking. Deep conditioning can protect your hair against the elements and the styling tools we use on a daily basis. If you have curly hair, it is important to deep condition more often because your natural oils take twice as long to reach the end of your hair from the roots. Also, if you’ve been experiencing frizzy hair, this is a sign that your hair needs moisture and you could use a deep conditioning. Start with once a week, for thick, curly hair, try twice.

Did you learn something new? We sure hope so!

Try these steps and see how radiant your hair looks and feels! We have to admit they worked wonders for us and our friends. But, we’d be lying if we said these tips alone saved folks from the dreaded split ends and heat damage. The true saving grace was our Trust Brothers CBD oil! If we had to choose just one hair product to use forever; there would be no doubt that CBD oil is here to stay! Because CBD contains 21 amino acids which are the building blocks of protein, your hair is given a boost of collagen and elastin to prevent naturally occurring breakage and shedding. And since we already know CBD is packed full of antioxidants, we are protected from air pollution and even helps to act as a barrier to keep chemicals from penetrating your pores and roots! What more could you ask for? Let your hair down and trust, Trust Brothers CBD.

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