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Top 7 Greatest Weight Loss Success Stories of All Time

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If anyone has tried to lose more than 20 pounds, you know it’s one of the hardest, most challenging feats to take on. Do you recall all the times you wanted to give up? All those cheat meals? Sore muscles? Envious glances and downright evil stares at your coworkers eating donuts while you ate granola? Yes, we are talking about you, Rebecca! Now, imagine losing more than half of your body weight. Did we mention, in some cases that could be 500 pounds?! Yes, five hundred pounds.

We want to commend those on our list for being an inspiration to us all. If these amazing folks, riddled with health problems that limit their mobility, overwork their hearts and more, then all of us should be able to work off those unhealthy extra pounds.

Take a look at these astonishing stores and be amazed. And, then take a look at CBD. CBD is showing great success in assisting and reliving so many ailments that are holding people back from successful health, wellness and daily living.

Top 7 Greatest Weight Loss Success Stories of All Time

1. Manuel Uribe – At his heaviest, Manuel Uribe, from Mexico, weighed in at 1,300 lbs., making him the heaviest man recorded at the time. Determined not to hold that record, Manuel decided to lose weight and with the help of both public and private doctors, Manuel lost an astonishing 510 lbs. Unfortunately, Mr. Uribe would succumb to issues brought on by his weight and passed away in May, 2014. At this time of death, he weighed 869 lbs.

2. David Smith – In 2009, David Smith, once weighing 650 lbs. appeared on the Today Show to be interviewed about his drastic 400-pound weight loss. David was very optimistic about his future now that he’d lost weight. Prior to his transformation, he was a very shy, introvert and had yet to have a girlfriend but that all changed. David got a job as a personal trainer, met a nice girl who would later become his girlfriend and even gained close relationships with those that had helped him lose weight. However, this physical transformation left David feeling “a terrible mess” on the inside and after first turning to alcohol and drugs to numb his pain, he then turned to food and put on 300 lbs. Currently David is planning to once again lose weight for good this time.

3. Rosalie Bradford – Rosalie held the record for both the heaviest woman on record and the most weight lost at the time of her death in 2006. Raised by a babysitter, Rosalie blamed her addiction to food on the abandonment by her biological mother. Rosalie turned to food to cope. At her heaviest, she weighed 1,050 lbs., and at the time of death she’d lost 736 lbs. which brought her down to 314 lbs.

4. Rob Cooper – Also known as “The Former Fat Guy”, Rob Cooper was 22 years old and an astonishing 475 lbs. when he had a heart attack. At the time, Mr. Cooper did not think his weight was the cause of his “episode” as he referred to it, but he did decide that he should make a change to his lifestyle. Rob says he didn’t plan to lose 300 lbs., but once he saw and felt the difference, he kept going. Today, Mr. Cooper’s blog can be found where he documents his exercise and diet plan.

5. John Brower – John Brower has held the record for The Heaviest Man in Medical History since 1978 when he weighs in at 1,400 lbs. John explained that he’d been heavy for his entire life, and at 12 years old he weighed almost 300 lbs. He’d continue to put on large amounts of weight and by the time he was 35 years old he weighed 975 lbs. Because of complications due to his weight, like edema and congestive heart failure, John was eventually admitted into the hospital where doctors determined that 900 of his 1400 lbs. could be attributed to fluid buildup. Doctors put him on a calorie restricted diet and John lost a whopping 976 lbs. which earned him the record for the most weight ever lost. However, John was not able to keep his 476 lb. frame and just a short 4 years later, John had gained over half of his body weight and weighed 798 lbs. at the time of his death when he succumbed to health issues from his weight.

6. Michael Hebrank – Mr. Hebrank suffered from extreme obesity and was known as one of the heaviest people in the world. After being hospitalized, his journey to lose weight caught the attention of exercise guru, Richard Simmons, who helped Michael drop from 910 lbs. to an impressive 200 lbs. Unfortunately, Mr. Hebrank would not keep his weight off and would later ballooned to the peak of his weight at 1,100.

7. John Stone – Mr. Stone’s story is a bit different from the others fore mentioned in the way that he didn’t weigh as much but his transformation was amazing, nonetheless. At the start of his journey, he weighed 215 lbs. but his body fat was 30%, which is extremely unhealthy. John was able to cut that down to just 6%. John then became an internet legend when he made the drastic transformation from eating junk food, drinking alcohol every night and smoking cigarettes and marijuana to a bodybuilder, personal trainer and weight loss consultant

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