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Top 7 Deadliest Foods

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Tim and Tom here from Trust Brothers CBD to give you the low-down on being cautious and keeping healthy! We are huge advocates for travel but one thing we always fear is that while we want to appreciate different cultures, it’s so important to be cautious of what we are eating and putting into our bodies.

CBD will not defend and fight off deadly foods, but it can be beneficial to better health and wellness which leads to a stronger immune system. CBD can be taken topically, orally under the tongue (Best way) and even added to your food & beverages. Our CBD has 0% Taste, and 0% THC (No high.) Great reasons to join the CBD Community.

Listed below are the Top 7 Deadliest Foods to watch out for and after the list, we have a special limited time Free CBD Offer for you. So, don’t eat these foods or you might not make it to the end of this post.

Top 7 Deadliest Foods

1. Pufferfish – is one of the deadliest foods consumed. With enough venom to kill 30 people, diners are placing their lives in the hands of licensed and carefully trained chefs to prepare this delicacy especially since there isn’t an antidote for this deadly poison!

2. Absinthe – Number two isn’t a food, but it definitely deserves a spot on our list. Absinthe, considered one of the most potent liquors made, was illegal in the US for quite some time as it was said to cause people to have dangerous hallucinations. Since absinthe has been legalized and is sold in most states again, the new recipe of producing absinthe does not contain wormwood oil- which was the cause of these “trips” some reported.

3. Live Octopus – Although live octopus is becoming more and more popular, it is very dangerous as the tentacles, still moving of course, will suction on to your throat and cause you to choke! Not to worry though, if you enjoy this squirming seafood snack, just add a dash of sesame seed oil to your dish to prevent the tentacles from suctioning.

4. Ackee – A deliciously, sweet fruit that grows primarily in Jamaica is said to be a gift and a curse to locals. When unripe, ackee seeds release a very harmful toxin that could cause fatal results. Even though many find it hard to resist the sweet goodness of ackee, you must allow the seeds to open on their own, or else you are running a big risk of falling victim to ackee poisoning.

5. Death Cap Mushroom – The deadliest of all the mushroom family, its name couldn’t be more accurate. Death Cap, referred to the most delicious as well as dangerous, is often undetected when a patient is poisoned because of the length of time (6-24 hours) it takes the person to understand their symptoms are serious enough to seek medical treatment.

6.  Blood Clams – This clam, which is very popular in China, carries the same diseases as blood in humans. Some of the more widely reported ones are Hepatitis A, typhoid, and dysentery. Food Safety experts suggest avoiding blood clams harvested in China as they are known to have frequent Hepatitis outbreaks.

7. Hákarl – Once considered a delicacy in Iceland, Hákarl, might be a dish that you’d want to skip once you learn exactly what it is! Hákarl, is made by allowing the flesh of a shark ferment, or spoil, for approximately four months. This long process assures that the shark’s own natural acids essentially “cook: the meat. Not only does Hákarl, have the most putrid smell, those who have been brave enough to eat it say it tastes even worse. We don’t even have to explain why this is dangerous for consumption—it’s literally rotten shark!

Wow! ‘Death Cap Mushrooms’ are deadly? Hmm, who would’ve thought?

We hope that you’ll be cautious while traveling but also make sure that you’re staying healthy – we can help with that! Make Trust Brothers CBD part of your everyday routine.

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Here’s to Your Health!
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