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Top 7 Healthiest Places to Live in the World

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Hello, how are you living?

Healthy and Well we hope.

We all desire to live healthy and to live where the heathy live. Our ‘Top 7 List” below highlights the places where the healthiest people live.

Location, cuisine, and climate are common attributes to places where the healthy folks live. And being in the company of healthy looking and active people can be a contagious and attractive rush to look and feel like the those in your community.

If you don’t live in one of these seven places you can still live healthy right where you’re standing, living and reading this post. Healthy living is a choice and that choice is right in front of you. Set your your mind to better health and wellness! Make a list of goals, a meal plan and make time in your days to make health a priority. Don’t let where you live, the weather, and the lifestyle of the people surrounding you interfere with your mission.

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Top 7 Healthiest Places to Live in the World

7. California – Kicking out list off at #7, located only 60 miles east of heavily populated Los Angeles, Loma Linda has managed to maintain its spot on the list of top healthiest places to live in the world. A major contributor to this being the huge community of Seventh Day Adventists that reside here, whom by religion, do not drink or smoke.

6. New Zealand – Pretty much any place in New Zealand will accommodate one of the most important things that a large part of the rest of the rest of world either can’t afford or doesn’t have access to: affordable healthcare! If that isn’t enough to convince you, the whole grains, and fresh seafood will. The locals here enjoy their safe haven of balanced work and lifestyle in easy going, uncrowded communities.

5. Japan – The occupants of Okinawa are proudly known as ‘the immortals” and rightfully so! Okinawans have the smallest percentage of cancer, disease, and dementia than any other place in the world! It is said that Okinawans can attribute their longevity to their supportive social structure and their belief in practicing the way of ikigai, “a reason for being.” the belief used to indicate the source of value in one’s life or the things that make one’s life worthwhile. (Wilding, 2017). The Okinawans are a living testament that a strong mind is the foundation for a strong body.

4. Sardinia – Located off the coast of Italy, the island of Sardinia has kept its   title of one of the healthiest places to live longer than any other destination on our list. The residents here can boast that their healthy lifestyle is in their genes and they’d be telling the truth! According to recent study, natives of this Mediterranean island share a unique genetic marker which can attribute to their long lifespan. (Rettner, 2010). Although, tourists like you and I may not be able to rely on our genetics to live long, we can benefit from other factors that play into living long. In addition to the beautiful coastal villas, the cuisine, based on whole-grains, pecorino cheese rich with omega-3 fatty acids, and meat, which is largely reserved for Sundays, you are sure to come back feeling like a healthier you!

3. Ecuador – For centuries, experts have hailed breathtaking Vilcabamba as “Valley of Longevity” because the locals have an average lifespan of 100 years with some living until 135! Full of natural wonders and rich farmland, locals live a very healthy lifestyle, with no processed foods in their diet and walking being their primary means of transportation. The seclusion of Vilcabamba allows the locals to breathe in fresh, clean mountain air; free of disease and pollution.

2. Costa Rica – Due to a combination on climate, diet and lifestyle, the Nicoya Peninsula in beautiful Costa Rica makes our list of healthy places to live. Starting with the most basic of resources, the water is full of calcium, which helps to build strong bones and teeth. Their diets are rich in fiber and whole grains, and if dinner is traditionally eaten earlier in the evening and is the lightest meal of their day. It is said that Costa Ricans that live in the Nicoya Peninsula genuinely enjoy their primarily physical jobs of farming and love life! If you are looking for an affordable place to retire, look no further. For a 2-bedroom condo, steps from the beach, prices start at $80.000! Small price to pay to wake up next to the blue Pacific Ocean!

1. Panama – “Live Long & Prosper…” is appropriate in both function and form for the #1 healthiest place to live in the world–Vulcan, Panama. Locals describe the weather as a springtime all year round. Thermal springs, dozens of hiking trails, free range chicken and eggs, fresh fish are just some of the reasons why locals have a life expectancy of 90 years old! No wonder the beautiful paradise, nicknamed “Shangri-La Valley” tops the list of the world’s healthiest place to live!

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