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Top 7 Most Deadly Ingredients Found in Everyday Processed Food

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Hi friends!

Tim & Tom here from Trust Brothers CBD and we have an unhealthy list for you today. ‘Processed Foods’ or as we like to call it ‘Processed Death.’ If you are constantly consuming the terrible processed foods on this list there is a good chance you are doing serious damage your body and mind, inside and out.

These are just our Top 7, there are many more. Read your labels, know your ingredients, and especially know your lists of processed foods. This knowledge and willpower can save, and extend your life. Make healthier balanced choices.

Processed food has been altered during prep and is usually full of cheap or unhealthy fats, hydrogenated vegetable oils, refined seeds, refined carbs, to name a few (more info in our list below.) Over time eating these processed ingredients consistently, will deplete your body of nutrients, and tear down your body and mind functions from the inside out.

You are probably hearing a lot about CBD and its magical health benefits. Now, CBD is NOT a weight loss product or a shield of armor to combat ‘processed death.’ But studies have shown that CBD (Cannabidiol) can affect your metabolism positively. CBD oil can be beneficial to assist in better sleep, less stress, anxiety and pain reduction. As well as better heart health, all of which is super positive for your health and wellness.

Our CBD comes from Hemp, not Marijuana and has 0% THC and is 100% Awesome! So, you will not get high and hungry, your appetite will suppress and mitochondria levels will increase, thus burning a few more calories. NOT a weight loss supplement but it really can assist with weight-loss if you’re following a proper diet and exercise plan. CBD can assist and offer many benefits to you. But, first, you must assist yourself in leading a healthful life.

We have a FREE CBD OFFER for you. We want to do our part to kick-start your life and to kick processed foods to the curb. We are proud to offer America’s Most Trusted CBD Products. Our Trust Brothers Broad Spectrum CBD has 0% THC and is 100% Awesome! You’ll not get high, you’ll get healthy! Devour our ‘Top 7’ list below, because you need to know. Then we have our FREE OFFER for you below.

Top 7 Most Deadly Ingredients Found in Everyday Processed Food

1. Palm Oil – When a regular fat like corn, soybean, or palm oil is blasted with hydrogen and turned into a solid, it becomes a trans-fat. This fat help packaged foods stay “fresh,” meaning that the food can sit on the supermarket shelf for years without ever getting stale or rotting. Eating junk food with trans fats raises your “bad” LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and lowers your “good” HDL. These fats also increase your risk of blood clots and heart attack. Avoid palm oil and other trans fats like the plague, and kiss fried foods goodbye too, since they’re usually fried in one of these freakish trans-fatty oils.

2. Shortening – Ditch any food that lists shortening or partially hydrogenated oil as an ingredient, since these are also evil trans fats. In addition to clogging your arteries and causing obesity, they also increase your risk of metabolic syndrome. Choose healthier monounsaturated fats, such as olive, peanut and canola oils and foods that contain unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids instead.

3.  High Fructose Corn Syrup – The evil king of all refined grains is high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). The amount of refined sugar we consume has declined over the past 40 years, but we’re consuming almost 20 times as much HFCS. According to researchers at Tufts University, Americans consume more calories from HFCS than any other source. It’s in practically EVERYTHING. It increases triglycerides, boosts fat-storing hormones, and drives people to overeat and gain weight. Adopt my zero-tolerance policy, and steer clear of this sweet “poison.”

4. Artificial Sweeteners – Aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal), saccharin (Sweet’N Low, SugarTwin), and Sucralose (Splenda) may be even harder on our metabolic systems than plain old sugar. These supposedly diet-friendly sweeteners may actually be doing more harm than good! Studies suggest that artificial sweeteners trick the brain into forgetting that sweetness means extra calories, making people more likely to keep eating sweet treats without abandon. Nip it in the bud, scan ingredient labels and ban all artificial sweeteners from entering your mouth.

5. Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Benzoate – These preservatives are sometimes added to soda to prevent mold from growing, but benzene is a known carcinogen that is also linked with serious thyroid damage. Dangerous levels of benzene can build up when plastic bottles of soda are exposed to heat or when the preservatives are combined with ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Don’t risk it, people

6. Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow – The artificial colors blue 1 and 2, green 3, red 3, and yellow 6 have been linked to thyroid, adrenal, bladder, kidney, and brain cancers. Always seek out foods with the fewest artificial chemicals, especially when shopping for your kids. Look for color-free medications and natural food products that don’t contain artificial colors like these.

7. MSG – Monosodium glutamate, or MSG, is a processed “flavor enhancer.” While it is present in some natural foods, fast food industries use it differently by separating the protein from the glutamate, thus creating a chemical enhancer that is thought to be harmful to our brain!

Who knew, right? If you did, well then always good to refresh to stay on track.

It’s hard to be healthy and to stay healthy. The odds and the aisles at the grocery store are stacked against us. There’s big money in health! Bad health that is! Keep your money and keep your health. Take ownership and don’t lose the fight.

We can help and be a trusted partner and sidekick to fight off processed foods. Now let’s get you into the CBD lifestyle and community.

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Here’s to Your Health!

Tim & Tom
(The Trust Brothers)


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