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Top 7 Healthiest Places to Live in the United States

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We hope you’re healthy and living a good life. Many of you may be living in healthier parts of the United States and that can be a big contributor to being healthy. We’re a product of your environment and living in a healthy environment can lead you to be healthy and look like others in your community. Pressure, anxiety and stress can also come with that battle and journey.

No matter where you live, if you’re feeling a bit unhealthy, CBD is a natural healthy alternative that may be the key to unlocking some of your ailments and the key to healthier living. Receiving rave reviews, there are many different ways CBD is beneficial to the body. Heart health, inflammation reduction, pain relief/or management are just a few. (Learn more about CBD benefits)

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Top 7 Healthiest Places to Live in the United States

The most populated cities in America were rated on scale in 4 categories including: fitness, food, healthcare, and “green” space.

7. Colorado – Also known as “The Mile-High City”, Denver is known for its breathtaking view of the Rocky Mountains which provide the perfect backdrop for you to hit the trails for a hike. If you don’t dig the outdoors and would rather enroll in your local gym, you’re in luck Denver ranks 4th in the nation for gyms and trainers per capita.

6. Arizona – Capturing the #1 spot for the highest number of adult participants in recreational leagues, it’s no wonder Scottsdale is one of the healthiest places to live in the U.S! Take your pick when deciding how to get your daily workout in by joining one of the hundreds of health and fitness clubs or enjoy the sunny outdoors and hike along a nature trail.

5. Wisconsin – Madison ranked No. 1 in seven indicators, including:

— 91% of residents had exercised past 30 days.
— It has the most park units and playgrounds per 10,000 people.
— Madison topped the charts with 74.3% of residents getting seven or more hours of sleep.

4. Washington, DC – Our nation’s capital, District of Columbia, has held the title for the most running trails over anywhere else in the US. Providing easy access to public transportation and walking/running trails, Washington DC has made healthy living a lifestyle, not just a choice.

— 100% of D.C. residents live within two miles of a recreation center.
— The city has over 70 miles of bike lanes.
— There are over 1,100 bikes available in its bike sharing system.
— The city also scored in the top 10 for both fruit and vegetable consumption.

3. Minnesota – This was one of the top 10 cities for residents getting at least seven hours of sleep. The City has over 6,800 acres in its park system and 102 miles of biking and walking paths. 18% of Minneapolis public-school students live within an easily walkable distance to school.

2. California – Narrowly missing out on the number one spot, San Francisco has held onto a top spot on the list of healthy cities for years! Known as one of the “greenest” cities in the US, San Francisco has definitely set a trend for the rest the nation to follow.

1. Hawaii – Not only is Honolulu a top vacation destination, but it is the number one healthiest place to live in the United States for 2018! Tropical climates, hiking trails, & the beautiful Pacific Ocean are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy during some outdoor exercise. Honolulu also scores high in the healthy eating category, with farmers markets and healthy whole food stores, both affordable and accessible to area residents.

Good stuff and probably some surprises on the list. Healthy eating, exercise and managing your ailments lead to wellness and well-to-do health.

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