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Top 7 Most Deadly Diets

List, Top 7, Most Deadly Diets


Losing weight, maintaining weight-loss, eating clean and healthy. The struggle is real, isn’t it?

There are new “quick weight-loss” diet trends in our news feeds daily. Many of you have tried them and just end up bouncing from fad to fad. Stop being a professional harmful dieter and start being a professional healthful eater. Sound familiar? Many of these diets are bad for your body and mind. The weight usually comes back quickly and then you just end up starting another diet.

Healthy eating and weight loss are a mindset and not a quick fix. Change your mindset, constantly tell yourself that you are in control. Fight for your mind and fight for your health. Create a food plan with healthy foods that you like, be creative with recipes and food prep for the week. Ease into it, and increase healthier foods into your daily meals. You will be surprised how quickly you are enjoying your new healthy lifestyle.

We mentioned mindset. The mind is so powerful and when you add anxiety, stress, sugar and carbs to it, the downward spiral hits fast and hard. It’s a real struggle to fight out of it. CBD has been proven to enhance moods and fight anxiety, which are key factors that lead to eating the wrong foods. Many folks are stress eaters. CBD is a great way to help control your life and mind. Stop the madness & sadness and add gladness to your life.

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Top 7 Most Deadly Diets

1. Tapeworm Tablets – Ingesting tapeworms to lose weight is a practice that has been around for many centuries. The idea is for the host (human), to digest tapeworms which would then live in the digestive tract

2. Cotton Ball Diet – The idea behind this fad that one dips cotton balls into juices and smoothies and ingests the entire cotton ball. Needless to say, cotton balls aren’t digestible, thus making this diet extremely dangerous and disgusting!

3. Apple Cider Vinegar Diet – ACV can be used in so many beneficial ways that we hate to bash it but it’s important to understand that any diet that requires you to drink any type of vinegar on a daily basis and in a large dose, is dangerous. Some of the side effects include: tooth and bone erosion, delayed digestive system, ulcers, low potassium level, blood loss, skin and throat burns, to name just a few. Remember, ACV is very strong and should never be taken at a high dose than the recommended by a professional.

4. Cigarette Diet – the cigarette diet was meant to encourage smokers to smoke a cigarette whenever they felt hungry in order to curb their appetite. Although some people reported a slight weight loss, there really is no mystery as to why this is a dangerous way to lose weight.

5. Slimming Soap – Believe it or not, people actually believed a soap could wash away inches…if only it were that easy! Not sure if this one is dangerous, or just downright silly!

6. Baby Food Diet – We aren’t sure where this came from but we do know baby food was flying off the shelves due to this diet fad. Baby food is be full of vitamins and nutrients a BABY needs to thrive. It’s not nearly enough to sustain a small child, let alone an adult! And seriously, how many jars of carrots can one eat?

7. Cabbage Soup Diet – To some this diet recipe may sound delicious! To me, it does! But it’s not something you’re supposed to adapt as your entire meal plan. The ingredients are very low in fat and although you do get to eat the soup as well as selected fruits and vegetables for this diet, your body is still being starved of nutrients. So, while you will lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time, it’s only temporary and you can expect to gain more than you lost as your body is trying to store necessary fat.


That was quite the unattractive list?

Now, we like to loosen our bowties and live it up a bit, but not with a bunch of folks ingesting tapeworms and cotton balls, and who smell like cabbage, vinegar and cigarettes. And to think that those types of diets are appealing to people. Stop the madness & sadness, and add gladness to your life.

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Here’s to Your Health!
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