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Top 7 Things You’re Screwing Up When it Comes to Your health

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Good Day friends!

Is it? Is it really a good day?

We truly hope so, as everyone deserves good days, happy days and healthy days. Okay, we used the word day(s) five times already. Enough of that, let’s get to the reason for reading this. YOUR HEALTH! Help is here with our “Top 7” List. There are many reasons you feel sluggish, scattered and limited. Listed below, we have a pretty strong list of factors that work against you. Many of them working together, shifting your body and mind into autopilot, taking over your good intentions with a descent into an abyss of bad choices and declining health.

Avoid doing the things on this list to recharge and start your engine. May we also suggest adding CBD to your lifestyle playbook. We are huge believers in the healthy benefits of CBD. There are many different ways CBD is beneficial to the body, assisting with Pain, Inflammation, Sleep, Mood, Anxiety, Heart Health and much more.

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Top 7 Things You’re Screwing Up When it Comes to Your health

1.Staying indoors – Our homes are the supposed to be the one place we feel safe and free from harm, however; this is not the case when assessing our health and the many dangers that are lurking in your very own domain.  Let’s be honest, when the weather is uncomfortable, either too hot or too cold, we do whatever we can to avoid it. Central air and heating provide us with the ability to relax in a controlled climate but were you aware that the recycled air we are breathing in is actually a bad for our lungs. From dust, to pet dander, mold and mildew; exposure to any of these pollutants can trigger preexisting asthma, bronchitis, and a number of other respiratory infections.

2. Over medicating – Antibiotics and their ability to fight bacteria have become a vital part in our overall ability to sustain life on this Earth. Working to rid infection from minor scrapes to full body sepsis, antibiotics have come a long way since their discovery. However; some people are taking advantage of their accessibility and overdosing on them anytime they have a minor health issue. The problem with this is our immune system will build up an immunity to the antibiotic, so they don’t have the same effect on our bodies anymore.

3. Skipping annual physicals – Millions of Americans go undiagnosed and subsequently untreated for countless diseases every year. Lack of health insurance, limited funds for deductibles, or not experiencing symptoms are just some of the many different variables which can hinder someone from getting the preventative healthcare everyone deserves. If it’s possible for you, please see a physician once a year for routine visits.

4. Ignoring your family health history – There is a reason why doctors ask you for your family’s health history; it’s an important screening tool that physician’s use to determine what to look for in your own health. Please make sure to give your doctor all the information you know and bring up any concerns you have.

5. Drinking our carbs – A common misconception about eating healthy is that only the food matters but the beverage you choose is just as important. One thing you should never do is skip a meal for an unhealthy drink.  One popular coffee chain serves up 42 g of sugar in a 16 oz drink! That is almost double the serving we are supposed to have in one whole day! Replacing food with unhealthy, empty calories is a big mistake that we all seem to make.

6. Going gluten-free “just because…” – Unless instructed by your family physician, you should not adapt a gluten-free diet because you run the risk of depriving your body of the necessary nutrients required to fuel your body and give you energy. There are other healthy diets you can try or discuss a meal plan with your nutritionist to decide what is right for you.

7. Vitamins/Supplements overdose – Some of you might think “there is never enough of a good thing” but that doesn’t apply with supplements. You should not take more that your body would naturally produce or receive from food, sun, etc. For example, too much Vitamin C can cause side effects such as nausea, stomach cramps, diarrhea, and even mild nerve damage. One sure way to make sure you’re not overdosing is to read the labels and never take more than the recommended daily serving. Don’t forget to account for what you receive from your daily meals. Make sure you listen to what your body is telling you. Taking vitamins in any dose makes some nauseous. If this is the case, try a smaller dose until you can stomach the daily dose.

How about that list? Probably some familiar items on there, right? So, open the door, stop vita-Poppin’, slurping the sugar and over medicating. Let’s get you out of the fog and into the light.

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Here’s to Your Health!
Tim & Tom
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